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Here are some great summer recipes for you to try!!

Quick Summer Soups

Soup is always a popular dish, whether it is served as the start
of a full-course meal, or a light snack. There is no reason to
feel that you cannot attempt making soup yourself because of time
in preparing the stock. The following soups can use a cube
of chicken or meat stock , if home-made stock is not available.

Consommé' a la princesse
Jellied consommé'
Tomato consommé'
Hollandaise soup
Chicken and celery soup
Watercress soup
Carrot soup

From Soups to barbecued to some great desserts!!

Dips using your blender

Whether you have got a party to organize, entertaining gusts or having a picnic, dips can really be a refresher. Here are some dips that will help you get your party started and are easy and cheap to make.

Garlic Dip
Cheese Duo Dip
Blended Avocado Dip
Bacon Dip
Shrimp Dip
Sunshine Dip
Mixed Cheese Dip
Pineapple Blue Cheese Dip

The Fish dish

Fish is extremely nutritious food, it cooks quickly and if prepared
with care and imagination makes a fantastic main dish.

Sole surprise

Stuffed herrings
Grilled herring gratinee
Danish herrings
Baked mackerel
Mackerel with horseradish sauce
Trout en papillote
Stuffed whiting

Drinks using your blender

Here are a selection of delightful drinks made using your blender. For best ice cold drinks pour into glasses that have been chilled. For a sweet effect dip the rim of the glasses in coloured sugar before refrigerating.

Orange Blossom
Frozen Daiquiri
Sherry Flip
Fresh Rhubarb Cocktail
Orange Glow
Moscow Chocolate
Apricot Shake
Raspberry Fizz


Hot Off the Grill

Great recipes to be prepared over gas or charcoal. Ideal for the
summer and goes great with an ice cool beer!!!

Barbecued Pork Ribs
Barbecued Lamb
Great burgers
Pan-fried Trout
Shrimp on a Stick
Sweet and Sour Barbecued Chicken
Kebabs With Corn



The best in summer desserts.

All these desserts are a real treat. Not only do that taste good but they are quick to make!!!

Castle puddings
Apple crumble
Apple dumplings
Clementine pudding
Lemon raspberry sundae
Strawberry and peach Cream
Mandarin jelly
Orange snow
Chocolate soufflé
Simple lemon soufflé


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