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Fluid loss versus performance

Nutrition and fluid intake
Advised supply of complex carbohydrates
Pre- exercise meal guidelines
Fluid loss versus performance

Did you know that if a person loses as little as 2% of their body weight that physical performance can be impaired by 20% plus.
A loss of 4% body weight reduces the capacity for hard muscular work by 30% - 40%.  5% loss can cause heat exhaustion, while 7% can seriously begin to jeopardize your health.

You can prevent dehydration by the following:

Get your body use to increased fluid intake during training

Begin training fully hydrated. You should be drinking ½ a pint of fluid 30 min prior .

Drink small amounts of fluid during exercise. Don't wait until your thirsty!

Chose still or lightly carbonated isotonic drinks rather than fizzy, sugary or ice cold drinks which can cause cramp. You must remember that plain water will not provide additional carbohydrate to boost energy for the working muscles.

You can make your own isotonic drink using 50% water 50% orange juice and a pinch of salt. This is cheap and has a lot less preservatives and sugar.

After a training session of 90 min plus have an isotonic drink to begin the rehydration process immediately after.

Try to drink a minimum of 8 glasses ( ½ pints of water) a day


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