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Pre- exercise meal guidelines

Nutrition and fluid intake
Advised supply of complex carbohydrates
Pre- exercise meal guidelines
Fluid loss versus performance

These are advised for you to take in extra carbohydrates to make sure your muscle glycogen levels are fully topped up before physical exercise. Top up with a high carbohydrate meal 3 hours before you start to exercise.

Find foods you like and easy to eat but avoid those fatty foods and avoid large portions of protein rich food e.g. meat cheese eggs etc. prior to exercise.

Don't change your routine before any of the tiring activities. If you need to make changes to you diet, try out new foods and drinks in the course of training.

Breakfast type meals

Breakfast type meals are a good and easy way to take the right amount of carbohydrates in without having large plates of pasta or rice. Here are a few meal suggestions below:

2 Scrambled / poached eggs served on 3 thick slices of toast with butter (not too much) or low fat spread. Plus a large glass of fruit juice.

2 weetabix / shreddies served with ½ a pint of semi-skimmed milk. 1 slice of toast with jam and a large glass of fruit juice.

After training you will need to replenish your muscle stores. These are some suggested ideas:

2 slices of malt or raisin bread and a banana 
A glass of fruit juice
4 crisp breads, a low fat fruit yogurt
A handful of raisins and a piece of fruit

Suggest roll/sandwich fillers

Tuna fish (canned or brine) with a small amount of low calorie salad cream. Add canned sweet corn or salad for extra fibre.

Peanut butter and mashed banana

Cottage cheese or a low fat soft cheese e.g. Philadelphia light

Lean roast meats e.g. harm / pork - cut off visible fat. Cooked chicken/ turkey (remove all the skin before eating)

Bacon, lettuce and tomato - chose lean bacon and a little low calorie mayonnaise.

Cheese and salad - half fat cheese or medium fat continental such as Edam.


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