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Nutrition and fluid intake

Nutrition and fluid intake
Advised supply of complex carbohydrates
Pre- exercise meal guidelines
Fluid loss versus performance

The following information is advise for dieting when in training

Did you know that the average British diet consists of - Carbohydrate 40%, Fat 40% and Protein 20% but the recommended diet you should be having is Carbohydrate 70%, Fat 15% and Protein 15% .

To make the first step to change you eating habits you can:

Try reducing your fat intake

Increase the amount of complex carbohydrates you take in.

Make sure you are well hydrated with water.

How do I reduce my fat intake?

Avoid fried food where you can. Eat grilled, baked or poached food.

Reduce your intake of red food. When eating red meats choose lean cuts and cut away any fat. Try eating more white meats such as chicken or turkey, but avoid the skin.

Try to include fish in you diet but avoid fried or tinned in oil.

Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk where possible.

Reduce the amount of cheese and try alternatives such as low fat and cottage cheese.

Try to avoid the intake of fast food, e.g. burgers, kebabs and pizzas. I know this is hard after a night of drinking!!!!!

Reduce in between snacks such as crisps, cakes, chocolate, pies and other processed foods as they have a high fat content


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