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Basics for beginners

Materials and equipment
Cooking equipment

In your cooking cupboard and your fridge a basic variety of supplies will help you get started in the wonders of cooking.
These items if available will able to whip up a good bit of tucker!
Cooking cupboard
Cooking cupboard

Plain flour Granulated sugar Dried pasta
Cornflour Icing sugar Beef stock
Salt Ground cumin Chicken Stock
Black pepper Paprika Tomato puree
Gravy granules Chilli powder Tinned tomatoes
Vegetable oil Mustard Tinned sweetcorn
Olive oil Dried thyme leaves Tinned kidney beans
Lime juice Dried oregano Long grain rice
Lemon juice Cinnamon sticks Worcestershire sauce
Flour tortillas Garlic powder Curry paste
Garlic puree Wine vinegar Pizza base mix
Soy Sauce Vanilla Essence

Refrigerator Items
Refrigerator Items

Eggs Butter Milk
Cream Hard cheese Parmesan cheese
Sour cream Natural yoghourt Bacon

Remember to have available fresh meat and vegetables depending on what you wish to cook.
Always plan a couple of days meals at a time. This will save you time, money and panic!!!!!!


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