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Basics for beginners continued

Cooking equipment

Getting Started


  • Pans - 2 frying pans, a large deep one and a small one fairly shallow.
    Both should be non-stick.
    A fairly large saucepan with a steamer will
    probably be the minimum you can manage with
  • Wooden Spoons - These are very cheap to buy. Make sure you have at least 2 or 3 .A plastic egg slice is great for
    nonstick frying pans
  • Knives - Buy the largest knife you can use comfortably.
    You will also need a small knife and a bread knife. Dont buy rubbish!!!
  • Metal Tools- Essential if deep frying!!! Tongs etc and barbecue tools.
  • Chopping Boards - At least 2. 1 for cooked food, 1 for raw, wooden or plastic.
  • Measuring Jug/Cups - Plastic these are an absolute necessary!!!!!
  • Rolling Pin - Wooden, handy for flattening meat too!!!!
  • Measuring Spoons - Cheap ones will do.
  • Sieve- Buy a metal one with a handle
  • Mixing Bowls - A set of cheap plastic ones are just the job!!!!
  • Tea Strainer - Metal, best for any lumpy sauces and easy to wash up.
  • A Spatula- Plastic
  • Grater - These save you using knives and if your no good with the knife it will save you loads of time. A good decent one will last for
                    for ever.
  • A microwave - This will help you out and save loads of time!!!!!!!
  • Baking Trays -Cheap and cheerful ones



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